About ACTA2017

Dear Colleagues and friends,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of Asian Conference on Tumor Ablation (ACTA), it is our great pleasure to invite you to the 4th ACTA to be held under the theme of "The constructive model and strategy" in Guangzhou, China from Nov 17 (Fri) to 18 (Sat), 2017.


Switching from Japan-Korea image-guided tumor ablation meeting since 2009, the 1st ACTA was held in Taipei, Taiwan in 2014; the 2nd ACTA held in Fukuoka, Japan, in 2015; the 3nd ACTA held in Seoul, Korea in 2016 was very successful with over 400 attendees from over 18 countries including Europe and USA.


With the continual and substantial advancements in the technology of image guided minimally invasive therapy, the concepts of cancer therapy is undergoing revolutionary changes. The cancer therapy is heading towards humanization, rationalization, personalization, and constructiveness. Combination therapy with image guided ablative therapy as its core is likely to be an important direction of future development. The 4th ACTA will be a fascinating opportunity for you to learn the latest treatment strategy from highly esteemed faculty from over the world.


ACTA 2017 offers two days of intensive programs packed with plenary lectures, scientific presentations, and case contest. Exciting sessions titled “ACTA meets ECIO", "Case Debate in HCC and thyroid tumors", "Ablation: Basis and Beyond", “Case Debate” are also attracting sections. In addition, activity of the ACTA guideline, multicenter trials, and education committee will be presented during the meeting. ACTA 2017 will be held with the 12th Chinese Conference of Minimally Invasive therapy in Oncology and the 3rd Chinese Conference on Interventional Ultrasound.


We are looking forward to enjoying the state of art in tumor ablation and having great memories in the 4th ACTA with you, in Guangzhou, China.